Universidad de Verano de Adeje 2019

The creation of the painting that will illustrate this year’s “Universidad de Verano de Adeje” is one of the most challenging commissional works I have ever faced. I felt a big responsability towards Universidad de La Laguna, Adeje’s institutions and the intellectual community from the Canaries in general!

Finally, the concept I wanted to get accross: “knowledge will set you free” was born and melted in 3 main ideas I tried to express in a very personal way:

  1. The sunrise over Barranco del Infierno: one of the highlights and most visited hiking tracks in Tenerife. Also, metaphorically: wisdom is light.
  2. The paragliders flying: Adeje is the place in Europe with the longest paragliding season. Also, metaphorically: wisdom “gives you wings”.
  3. The roots / branches which create figures communicating, symbolizing the importance of oral tradition and languages as vehicles to share universal knowledge.

Really looking forward to seeing my work all over the island! Stay tunned for news regarding UVA 2019!


Organic Series

Feeling great about this new series I started, experimenting with new techniques and just letting my spirit go… having the light, the brushes and paints flow and drip over the canvas, moving smoothly between the elements and making imagination be the real protagonist. These organic creations are inspired by the natural amazing powers of the ocean and the volcano… Colour shades that make the water and fire breathe softly from the painting on your cheeks… Let yourself be surprised!

It was a pleasure to exhibit these and other paintings in Golf Costa Adeje in Nov-Dec 2018.

Recent works

The first half of 2018 was full of new projects and some interesting commissional works, so I finally moved from the old gallery in Adeje to a new (private) studio in the quiet village of Tijoco and managed to give life to new canvases…

I continue to be inspired by the beauty and magic of nature: curvy trees and the magnetism of the full moon over the Atlantic. A Summer with shooting stars and calima. My favourite sources of inspiration, whilst trying to touch their soul, investigating new techniques and tools and finally giving birth to these nightscapes and dreamy scenes, in a natural romantic mood… Enjoy!

luz de luna 2018
Sun is shining
Trees in the forest
Laguna Grande
tribute to life
Tribute to Life (final)

Royal Hideaway Corales Suites

Being a part of this amazing place makes my heart sing… The Royal Hideaway Corales Resort opened this year and behind this incredible reception you may find, among many fabulous corners, restaurants and facilities, our Art Gallery La Musa… Located in the Shopping Avenue, my new works will be exhibited here, together with other artists’ pieces, in collections I try to refresh monthly.

You may watch a video of the opening of the hotel here.

corales-fachada-k4uB--2126x900@Las Provinciasopening rhcsgaleria

Volcanic Love

Expo_AmorVolcanico_LowIt is a great pleasure and honor for me to present my first solo exhibition since I moved to Tenerife in 2015.

In the last 2 years have been working with new techniques, exploring a new way of approaching the canvas, feeling absolutely free and just letting the painting flow.

In “Volcanic Love” you will find my latest creations (at least the ones that have not been sold yet) as well as other older paintings, some even dating back to 2004. It is a very interesting collection where you will see how the life, emotion and colour in my trees and nature have evolved through the years.

I invite you all to join me on Mondays or Fridays for a little chat and a guided tour through the exhibition. Simply call +34 667 608 083 to sign up for a particular day.

Thank you for your love and support, which keeps inspiring and guiding me!!!

Volcanic Love
28 April – 17 May
Centro Cultural Los Cristianos
Plaza del Pescador, 1
38650 Arona
Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Mirador de Abrante (La Gomera)

01. Mirador low

Every day is a perfect day to enjoy La Gomera… So, after finishing my work for the Carnivals 2016 in Playa Santiago, I decided to visit my permanent exhibition in Mirador de Abrante (Agulo, La Gomera). It’s an amazing place to enjoy a cup of coffee and stunning views over Agulo, in front of Mount Teide. Click here to find out more about Mirador de Abrante and my exhibition, composed by 6 works inspired in the amazing landscapes and romantic leyends of the Canarian Islands!


New Art Studio in Adeje

I decided to give a 180 degree change to the concept of my gallery La Musa de Adeje, so, after finding a nice location in Adeje, the new “La Musa de Adeje – Yaron’s Atelier” opened to the public on January 15th. I now enjoy an independent atelier – art studio, behind a beautiful art shop, where we will be renovating the exhibition every 2-3 months. We currently have over 100 works on exhibition, from some of the best local artists, as well as hand made items such as jewelery and ceramics. If you would like to stay tunned, you can follow us on Facebook 😉




Ending 2015 in Adeje

I moved to Adeje (South of Tenerife) in June 2015 and have, since then, been working on new paintings in my own gallery La Musa de Adeje. I will say goodbye to this year in Tenerife, after 17 years in La Gomera, experimenting with a new technique, which I used in my last work: “Bright Forest”. Soon more info about my recent works in this website.

In these second half of the year, I have also been busy promoting fellow artists in 4 different exhibitions: Musas, Pasiones, Winter Showroom and WS Reloaded, in which visitors can admire over 100 paintings from various local artists. More info about La Musa de Adeje and events organized here in La Musa de Adeje’s website.

Obra YL
Bright Forest


Tribute to Surrealism in the Fine Arts Center of Tenerife

My painting “Mirror of Love” has been selected to be part of the collective exhibition “Tribute to Surrealism“, that will take place in the Fine Arts Center of Tenerife next May 4th – 27th. The work is inspired in André Breton’s poem “They tell me that over there the beaches are black”. Hope you like it!

Espejo de Amor