Recent works

The first half of 2018 was full of new projects and some interesting commissional works, so I finally moved from the old gallery in Adeje to a new (private) studio in the quiet village of Tijoco and managed to give life to new canvases…

I continue to be inspired by the beauty and magic of nature: curvy trees and the magnetism of the full moon over the Atlantic. A Summer with shooting stars and calima. My favourite sources of inspiration, whilst trying to touch their soul, investigating new techniques and tools and finally giving birth to these nightscapes and dreamy scenes, in a natural romantic mood… Enjoy!

luz de luna 2018
Sun is shining
Trees in the forest
Laguna Grande
tribute to life
Tribute to Life (final)

Royal Hideaway Corales Suites

Being a part of this amazing place makes my heart sing… The Royal Hideaway Corales Resort opened this year and behind this incredible reception you may find, among many fabulous corners, restaurants and facilities, our Art Gallery La Musa… Located in the Shopping Avenue, my new works will be exhibited here, together with other artists’ pieces, in collections I try to refresh monthly.

You may watch a video of the opening of the hotel here.

corales-fachada-k4uB--2126x900@Las Provinciasopening rhcsgaleria