Universidad de Verano de Adeje 2019

The creation of the painting that will illustrate this year’s “Universidad de Verano de Adeje” is one of the most challenging commissional works I have ever faced. I felt a big responsability towards Universidad de La Laguna, Adeje’s institutions and the intellectual community from the Canaries in general!

Finally, the concept I wanted to get accross: “knowledge will set you free” was born and melted in 3 main ideas I tried to express in a very personal way:

  1. The sunrise over Barranco del Infierno: one of the highlights and most visited hiking tracks in Tenerife. Also, metaphorically: wisdom is light.
  2. The paragliders flying: Adeje is the place in Europe with the longest paragliding season. Also, metaphorically: wisdom “gives you wings”.
  3. The roots / branches which create figures communicating, symbolizing the importance of oral tradition and languages as vehicles to share universal knowledge.

Really looking forward to seeing my work all over the island! Stay tunned for news regarding UVA 2019!


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