New Art Studio in Adeje

I decided to give a 180 degree change to the concept of my gallery La Musa de Adeje, so, after finding a nice location in Adeje, the new “La Musa de Adeje – Yaron’s Atelier” opened to the public on January 15th. I now enjoy an independent atelier – art studio, behind a beautiful art shop, where we will be renovating the exhibition every 2-3 months. We currently have over 100 works on exhibition, from some of the best local artists, as well as hand made items such as jewelery and ceramics. If you would like to stay tunned, you can follow us on Facebook 😉





Ending 2015 in Adeje

I moved to Adeje (South of Tenerife) in June 2015 and have, since then, been working on new paintings in my own gallery La Musa de Adeje. I will say goodbye to this year in Tenerife, after 17 years in La Gomera, experimenting with a new technique, which I used in my last work: “Bright Forest”. Soon more info about my recent works in this website.

In these second half of the year, I have also been busy promoting fellow artists in 4 different exhibitions: Musas, Pasiones, Winter Showroom and WS Reloaded, in which visitors can admire over 100 paintings from various local artists. More info about La Musa de Adeje and events organized here in La Musa de Adeje’s website.

Obra YL
Bright Forest